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The AYUSH group has created this tour packages for the purpose of promotion & sharing information of the tribals in Thane, Maharashtra, thereby helping tribals in their economic and social conditions and for promotion of tribal development projects set up by AYUSH, to make tribals and the general public more aware of “Tribal tourism” for the benefit of tribal’s.  As a part of these efforts, the AYUSH establish the tour packages & other plans

The tour arrangement will be done in such way that taken cares to give pride of place to most of the tribal groups from the Sahyadri regions. The Tour will give picture & experience of diverse and colorful tribal cultures.

Standard packages

1. tribal culture – tour to cover tribal culture typical traditional temples & daily life of tribal’s
2. tribal art – Tour to learn & experience the tribal art famous warli art, & all
3. adventure – Tour to experience the adventurous of tribal areas, which are non polluted & non populated
4. goddess – Tour to pray traditional temples in around area
5. Picnic – Picnic places to enjoy vacation close to nature
6. Festival – Tour to get experience of tribal festivals, to know tribal culture closely with festive occasions
7. Food & drink – Tour with experience of tribal food items & drinks which are healthy & tasty

Customize packages

You can customize your tour according to your choice & requirements please mail your priorities so we can help you to make necessary arrangement for your tour

Expenditure –

To get general basic idea about expenditure in tour, following things need expenditure according to your selection.

1. staying
2. snacks & food
3. Transportation
4. Guide & assistance
5. Other

Involvements –

The tour will be taken care by different tribal people, many of them will be with you along their regular schedules & few of them may be exclusively with you as per your choice. Our team will be comprises of following people
1. Unemployed youths
2. Students
3. house wife’s
4. interested youth
5. established network

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