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About AYUSH Tribal tourism in Maharashtra, India

Each of the tribes of these states have their own culture and tradition which varies widely according to the tribes. The tribes have their own beliefs, festivals and lifestyles which will make your Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India a most memorable one. If you want to get the real flavor of rural India the Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India is the ideal tour for you. There are many local tribes based at Thane, Maharashtra. This place is quite near to Mumbai [about 120km] & far away from urban crowd & pollution. There are many attraction in Thane district, Thane is well known tribal district from Maharashtra, for like warli art, tarpa dance, gauri dance, Dhol dance, Tur Dance, Gav dev, Mahalaxmi, Boardi & Dahanu beach, Gambhir gadh, Aseri gadh, Bhim bandh, Surya River & many more. AYUSH group is taking initiative to explore these places to world.

AYUSH is group of tribal professionals, to ensure tribal’s success in modern competition. This is group of tribal youth who wants to take initiative to utilize their free available time for tribal community development activities. So this group conducts many cultural & traditional programs. AYUSH also arranges guided tour to experience the tribal culture, Art, traditions in Thane district. & proudly all peoples who works with AYUSH are tribal’s, so you can experience the tribal culture closely. And also if requested stay at tribal home with tribal style food can be arrange along with traditional dance & events

Apart from spending a day or two with the local tribes, you can also enjoy the Tarpa Dance & warli painting. The tribes have our own festivals and rituals at certain time in the year. Ask before planning about the schedule so that you can also enjoy the tribal dance and music which is rare to see in city life. You can also have firsthand experience of some of the customs and rituals of the tribes.

& if you wants to experience real tribal culture & home experience you can opt AYUSH tour packages, you can stay in village as the family member. The real tribal peoples will take care of you for giving information about our culture & art, also AYUSH members will take utmost care to make your tour as much hassle free as possible & will treat you as family member.

While traveling different tribal areas you can collect the different handicraft products made by the tribes. You can get souvenirs like warli art, mats, textile, musical instruments and bamboo products for your friends. For more detailed information download brochure & keep browsing the pages or mail us for specific clarification! 

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