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ART [warli art, etc]

Nature has played a big part in inspiring the tribal craftsmen to reproduce its many facets.  We find an earthy glowing vigour of elemental colours, and pre-eminently indigenous ornaments, complementing the delicate refined classic models with their synthesis of multi-cultural art forms and designs.  Tribal art is original in nature.  It is the truest sense an impression of the mind of the artist.  The tour will provides a glorious show of different aspects of tribal Warli art. warli art, ganjad, vokramgad, talasari, ghongadya, sohanga, mandra, kanagi, suplya
If interested to learn tribal arts, special education program can be organize.  


The tribal peoples are festival addicted almost all occasions they will celebrate with festival. So we can find in each month few festivals. Gauri ganapati, Holi, nava bhat, chavali, kjoli bhaji, amba khane, berya, mahalaxmi yatra,  bohada, gavdev, mahalaxmi jatra, gauri ganapati, berya, holi, khalyacha dev, nava bhat


The tribal populated area is reach with adventurous places around, few typical places are not reached by urban population & pollution, so are well famous for those who want to experience real adventures in real way. Few of places are like Mahalaxmi mountain [ Mahalaxmi, NH 8], Gambhir Gadh [ Near Sayvan ] , Asheri gadh [ NH 8],


There are various non famous but really good picnic spots, which can be ideal spots for weekends with close to nature few of most preffered places are Bhimbandh, kavdas damp, sakhare damp, surya river, Dabhosa waterfall, palu’s waterfall


A Variety of house-types are found amongst the different tribal groups.  In the tour you can observe & experience the different types of houses. If requested we can arrange your stay in tribal house to experience the tribal home


The Tour will covers temples & places of the important Gods and goddesses such as Waghya dev, Hirva, Gavdev, Cheda, Kul daivat Mahalaxmi, Jagrut maruti, Mahalaxmi, Santoshni, Saptashrungi, Hanuman, devbandh


Tribal love for music and dance is unique.  It forms a major part of our recreation.  'Bhavada' / ‘Bohada’ in the Sahyadri region, ‘Bohada’ are the special dance forms in which various masks are used.


Among all the tribal groups, the plough-share, the sickle and the wooden plough are the most common agricultural implements.  Other implements include Khurpi, Sabbal, etc.  Bow and arrow and other hunting implements are interesting specimens.


Music and dance play an important role in tribal life.  Musical instruments are prepared by them in their traditional manner. Tarpa, Kahali,  Zangali and Dev Dobru indicate primitive forms, whereas Dholaki and Manjiras give indication of the influence of other people.  The musical instruments are prepared by locally available material such as bamboo, gourd, wood, palm-leaf, hide-skin and horns of dead animals.


The regular use & application of the various objects can be observe, their life-styles and needs.   Tribal utensils are of a simple nature.  Earth, wood and pumpkins are used for preparing the utensils.  A special jar 'Yetya Bokya', woven by bamboo strips is unique in example.  For kneading the dough they use a wooden plate known as Kothal.  Baskets of different sizes and shapes, winnowing fans, etc. are also commonly used by them


The typical tribal style food, made up of all natural ingredients pure healthy In all way. If requested before can be served veg & non veg dishes.
Prominently veg dish may include tandalachi bhakari [a type of flat bread is prepared using rice flour], nagalichi bhakari [a type of flat bread is prepared using finger millet flour], Bhujya [Black gram bean powder mixture], lasanachi Chatani [Garlic paste] , Savelya/panmodya [a type of steamed flat bread is prepared using rice flour], kantope [a made up of rice flour & steamed in leafs], tandalache laadu [a made up of rice flour & steamed ], paapadya [a made up of rice flour & fry in oil], Chaamtya [a made up of rice flour & fry in oil], Bhurangule [hot corns], & so on.
Non veg dishes includes bombalachi chatani [bombay duck mixture], chimbhori cha rassa [crab curry], sode fry [prawns fry], dudhi na kolambi [prawns & Calabash curry], murhya, daaku cha rassa, kadvali cha rassa, bombil fry [Bombay duck fry], kombadicha rassa [country chicken curry], bhujing [roasted chicken], lavari cha rassa, sodi [ king prawn curry], & so so … this list may vary according to seasons & availability of ingredients


The tribal area & tribal’s are famously known for drink available here. “Taadi” is drink collected from Maad & khajari. Also there are different wines available like, jabul wine, kaaju wine, taadi wine, moh wine, lajara wine, & so on. All drinks are healthy & natural. These drinks makes the tribal peoples body stronger so they can survive easily in any type of conditions

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