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About us

AYUSH & Tribal tourism team, provides you with the advantage of seeing tribal culture, Tribal art, Tribal peoples. We recognize the intricacies of tribal lives and are glad to see you benefit from our rich experience.

Who we are & what we believe

We are the volunteer group of tribal youth, we believe with utilising our talent & skill with innovative techniques help us to develop our tribal community for future competitions.  Our aim is to “ensure tribal success” . AYUSH have been working towards educational, career, health, art, cultural, unity, and people success of tribal’s. With respecting tribal culture we are here to create income generation for tribal families

Why is Tribal tourism different with us:

Unlike other tourist agencies, who only organise tours to gain maximum profit, we ensure for tribal success & promoting inter -cultural exchange.
  • You will experience complete tribal style living.
  • You will be learning the tribal culture & tradition  from the tribal people.
  • You will be exposed to the intricacies of local ecology & tribal culture which will make your travel, an experience of a life time & your contribution to the local people & local economy is enormous when you travel with us because 100% of profit will support the development tribal students

What we do:

  1. Guiding / supporting tribal students for their education & career
  2. Creating awareness, preserving, Promoting tribal art (like warli art, tribal dance, etc)
  3. Connecting urban peoples back to tribal community & culture
  4.  Ensuring Tribal success through different innovative programs
And of course, we organize tribal-tours for you.

Dahanu Mahalaxmi Yatra

Tribal toursim!

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