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Hello friends!
 As you know AYUSH team started concept of "tribal tourism" to promote tribal culture and art through tourism from 2009. And reviving good response as it has huge potential for employment and entrepreneurship for tribals.
(Parris and kiritin) 2 researcher from New York to india. They arrived today evening at Dahanu to understand tribal art (warli painting culture)... tomorrow Madhukar wadu and Sampat thankar will guide them about same. (They will be in Dahanu for 2 days. 24 &25th sep)
If anyone wants to join to share views on these topics, please contact sachin satvi 0 9246 361 249
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Msg from visitor for ur ref.
《 We would like to have the opportunity to film some warli artistic techniques, we are an artist and filmmaker from New York City who are researching the origin of natural pigments used for art and medicine in India.
This is the basic outline of our research to show how traditional art is still alive in India and using colors derived from natural pigments (minerals, plants and flowers) are still an vital medium for creation in India and abroad.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Parris & Kiritin.》

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